Our Daima Biz Hotel pools will provide you with fun and enjoyable moments during your summer vacation.

Our clean and clear pools are maintained by our professional pool team every day for the health and hygiene of both you and your children.

If you wish, let's examine our pools together;


Daima Biz Hotel;

  • Our Daima Biz Relax Pool measures 1050m² and is 150cm deep.
  • For our little guests, our Children's Pool is 30m² and 50cm deep.
  • Our Indoor Pool has 2 units and is 150cm deep.

Our Indoor Pools

Our indoor pools are active during the winter season for Daima Biz Hotel guests.

There are 2 indoor pools with a depth of 150 cm, and thanks to its special heater, it provides a warm and peaceful environment for our guests.


Semi-Olympic Pool

Our 1050m2 semi-olympic pool is indispensable for our guests.

Our Relax pool, which turns the heat of summer into coolness, is created by our professional team.

It is ready for your use in a clean and hygienic way by checking it every day.

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