Covid-19 2022-02-27



We carefully shape and update our practices, taking into account the circulars issued by the ministries, the recommendations of reputable scientific and health institutions, and most importantly, being conscious of the seriousness of the Covid-19 epidemic.

In this context, we have briefly listed the additional hygiene protocols applied in our hotel for you;
• Residue-free holistic purification with OZONE TECHNOLOGY
• 12-24 hours assurance with ROOM HYGIENE SEAL
CAREFUL ROOM and SURFACE CLEANING with disinfectant solution
• ROUTINE air conditioner disinfection and ventilation
• Textile cleaning with ANTIBACTERIAL BORON Added Detergent
• Privileged measure with PACKAGED ROOM SETS
GLOVES and overshoes are changed after each room cleaning.
FIXED OFFICER in common use WCs
• Spatial arrangements for SOCIAL DISTANCE
• Mask and hand hygiene culture
• Plate food service at the buffet
• Social Distancing in Table and Buffet areas
24/7 active OFM HOSPITAL contracted Health Center
REGULAR HEALTH CHECK with thermal fever measurement
• Regularly AUDITED Health Protocol
You can be sure that this document, which includes all our necessary precautions against the Covid-19 Virus, is only a brief summary of our feverish work...

Infirmary And Health Procedure

ANTALYA OFM HOSPITAL provides 7/24 service with infirmary, quarantine room and fixed ambulance in our facility.

All of our Guests and Employees are routinely screened for general health by taking temperature measurements with digital thermometers at the entrance of the facility's main gate, restaurant and cafeteria. Our personnel with high fever and symptoms related to the disease are taken into care directly in our special isolated infirmary in our facility and by the health teams of the OFM HOSPITAL with which we have a contract.

Ozone Technology in Rooms

Our rooms are disinfected with Ozone Technology, which purifies even the places that are impossible for human hands to touch, and destroys all viruses and bacteria by melting cells and cell membranes.

OZONE GAS, which is a natural disinfectant, also purifies surfaces without leaving any residue that can harm human health. The disinfection process with Ozone Technology is 100% safe for human health, and the fact that it eliminates all viruses and bacteria even on hard-to-reach surfaces with the release of high ozone gas in a closed environment by closing the doors has been the reason for us to prefer Ozone Technology in Rooms.

In addition, our guests can choose to have their rooms disinfected with ULV by informing the reservation or reception authorities of our hotel before Check-In.

Room Hygiene Seal

After each Check-Out, the room is blocked for 24 hours to be presented to a new guest, after careful cleaning and disinfection by ventilation, the room door is sealed with a "Hygiene Seal" to be opened during your entrance.

The date and time of sealing are written on this seal, indicating how many hours before you step into the room, contact with others has been lost and rested.

Thanks to this seal, you can be sure that your room has been rested for at least 12, maximum 24 hours before you step in, and that no one is in contact with it, and you can have a comfortable and healthy holiday in our hygienically ready room.


Effective disinfectant and bleach are used in the cleaning of our rooms, which are routinely subjected to ozonation and ventilation. Surfaces that are constantly touched with hands are especially wiped, door handles, batteries, telephone handset, television remote, air conditioner control, lighting switches, water heater, coffee machine, minibar are also disinfected after cleaning.

All textile products used in the room are washed at 90 degrees with Antibacterial Boron Added Detergent with disinfectant feature. Textiles such as bed linen and towels are changed daily, and the dirty ones are bagged separately, without whisking or shaking during collection and laying, and without allowing the formation of dust and particles.

In addition to the routine disinfection of air conditioners with ozonation technology, the filter is also cleaned and disinfected with a disinfectant solution after each Check-Out.

Our duty personnel are constantly equipped with masks and necessary protective equipment, and work by renewing their gloves and shoe covers before starting each room cleaning.

We would like you to know that we are aware of the fact that all these painstaking and feverish works are done not only for you, our valued guests, to have a safe and healthy holiday, but also for the health of our staff and therefore all of us.

Packaged Room Setups

Considering the health of our guests, we take the best corona virus measures. We offer to our guests in our rooms;

     • Personal care sets
     • Hotel brochures
     • Equipment such as remote, telephone

Food & Beverage

We do not give up on the all-inclusive system, but we are revising our buffet order. By remembering our Turkish restaurant identity, we hand over the process of getting the food on the plate at the buffets again to our cooks. We take the food behind the glass and remove the contact of our guests with the food and the buffet, and our chefs, who meticulously comply with the hygiene rules, serve the food you want on separate plates. With the principle of separate plates for each meal, we both increase the speed of service and apply the hygiene rules without compromising.

Samples are taken from each meal menu three times a day, stored under special conditions, and sent to the food laboratory to check their suitability for consumption. In this way, the safety of food in terms of health is constantly monitored.

In order to comply with the social distance in the restaurant, there are necessary guidance and warning labels on the floor, and the necessary distances and spatial arrangements are provided between the dining tables.

All the materials such as spoons, forks and knives used on the table are disinfected and packed in a sterile environment and made ready for service. Packaged disposable table setups are also offered for our guests. Our dishwashers used in the restaurant are state-of-the-art, and thanks to boron-added disinfectant-containing detergents, both the washed materials and the machine are disinfected. In our restaurants, our Hot and Cold drinks are served properly by our staff, who comply with the hygiene rules, from the service band, without being full of guests.

      It is packaged in a disinfected and purified environment and presented in accordance with hygiene rules.,ü

Hand Sanitizer Points with Sensors

We placed sensored hand disinfectant stands in social areas. In this way, our guests will be able to meet their disinfectant needs at all points of the hotel.

       • Hand sanitizers with sensors are available in all social areas and floor corridors.

       • Antivirus ways are written with icons and 3 languages ​​( TR, EN, RU ).

       • Daily routine checks are made.

       • Contains boron added hand disinfectant.

Social Areas

In all of our social areas, disinfection is applied with OZONE and ULV technology during the day. In this way, all surfaces, including furniture, are disinfected.

There are hand disinfectant units with sensors at every point of need, and they are followed meticulously. Spatial arrangement has been provided with signs and floor markings that keep social distance and hygiene culture awareness alive.

Frequently touched surfaces such as handrails, railings, elevators and buffets are regularly wiped and disinfected at frequent intervals. In the cleaning of constantly touched surfaces, seats, door handles, handrails, elevators, elevator buttons, sinks, faucets, urinals and toilet bowls in all general areas such as Lobby, Restaurant, Bar, WC and Pool heads, diluted bleach, chlorine tablets and diluted boron-based detergents are used.

There is a responsible staff in all toilets, and cleaning and disinfection is provided immediately after guest use. Based on the social distance rule, one of every two urinals is out of use. Our personnel working in all these jobs do this with masks and disposable gloves.

Cleaning and disinfection intervals are inspected by means of detailed checklists prepared by increasing frequency.

Pool and Beach Areas

It is extremely safe to swim in our Pools as chlorine has an effective disinfectant feature. The chemical balance of our pools is monitored with an automatic dosing system in order to keep it at the values ​​approved by the scientific authorities and the ministry. In this way, the PH values ​​are constantly between 7.2 and 7.6; It is ensured that the chlorine values ​​remain between 1 - 1.5ppm in indoor pools and 1 - 3ppm in outdoor pools.

Our lifeguards show the necessary care to comply with the social distance rules in the pool, a certain number of people are allowed in the pool, and distances are maintained. In this context, you can enjoy the pool with peace of mind, both because our pool areas are large in size and because our density is low during the epidemic period.

All our sun loungers at the beach and poolside are arranged at least 1.5m apart. Of course, you can zoom in on your sunbeds with your relatives. You can keep your personal and family space at a higher distance from other guests.

As in all of our common areas, we have hand disinfectants with sensors at the frequented points of the Pool and Beach areas.

Social Distance Planning

Thanks to the social distance tags added to the places at the waiting points of the guests, spatial order is provided by raising awareness.

In areas where pedestrian traffic is more frequent, directions are arranged with arrow signs on the ground and encounters are prevented. An environment suitable for the distance rule has been prepared by separating the going and coming roads.

Laundry and Textiles

Bed linen and towels are changed daily in our rooms, and all textile materials are washed at 90 degrees with a boron added and disinfectant detergent. Disinfected textile materials are served in closed rooms by our staff in accordance with the Covid-19 hygiene rules of the World Health Organization.

• Our laundry personnel have been subjected to a training program to combat covid-19.

• The products are packed in such a way that dust does not come, and they are served to the rooms in a hygienic way.

• The staff in charge uses masks, bonnets and gloves as part of the fight against the virus.

All textile products used in the room are washed at 90 degrees with Antibacterial Boron Added Detergent with disinfectant feature. Textiles such as bed linen and towels are changed daily, and the dirty ones are bagged separately, without whisking or shaking during collection and laying, and without allowing the formation of dust and particles.

Warehouse and Receipt Procedure

As Daima Family, all of our materials and products that we offer or produce for you, our valued guests, to have a risk-free and enjoyable holiday are purchased from safe suppliers and accepted to our facilities after all necessary control and disinfection processes.

In our facilities, storage and storage conditions and production methods are carried out in extremely hygienic environments and under control.

Health of Our Staff

The hygiene of our staff is the most important issue we are dealing with, as always, within the scope of covid-19. We have completed our trainings for them to stay healthy, to comply with the hygiene rules, to raise awareness about this issue and to practice an effective general hygiene. Our staff acts consciously about the use of Masks, Social Distance and Hand Hygiene in all areas of the hotel.

Spatial arrangements have been provided for our staff to comply with the Social Distance rules in all areas within the hotel, including their own areas, and they are equipped with sensored disinfectants in all areas for regular hand hygiene.

Our lodgings, no different from our hotel, are regularly disinfected with ULV and Ozone, and are covered by spatial arrangements in accordance with Social Distance rules.

Transfer vehicles used by our staff on their arrival and departure to the facility before each service and
Afterwards, they are disinfected with Ozone Technology, and the capacities of the vehicles are kept at 50%, ensuring safe social distance in the service vehicles.

Before our employees go to work, they are routinely screened for general health by digital thermometers at the entrance of the facility and at the entrance of the cafeteria in the middle of working hours. Our personnel with high fever and symptoms related to the disease are taken into care directly in our special isolated infirmary in our facility and by the health teams of the OFM HOSPITAL with which we have a contract.

Uniforms are washed daily and disinfected before starting work. All of our personnel working in the production areas and in the background such as the dishwashing room are obliged to wear masks and disposable gloves, and are equipped with disinfectants, including the working units in the background.