Yahya Reis Hall

Yahya Reis Hall, which is the biggest hall of our hotel, is at your service up to 400 people for classroom layouts. In the on foot coctail layout it can accommodate up to 1000 people. With connected work rooms to the foyer and simultaneous translation room, our hall is suitable for all kinds of events and also for leisure activities.

Hall Area

  Area (m2) Width (m) Height (m) Depth(m)
Hall 840 43 20 4,90
Foyer 176 20 8,8 4,90


Seating Layout & Capacity

Seating Layout Capacity (person)
Coctail 1000
Theater 600
Classroom 400
Banquet 500
U Shape --

Meting and Conference Package

  •  300 person foyer area
  •  2 Study Rooms
  •  Portable Stage and Lectern
  •  Sound and Light System
  •  Wired and Wireless Microphone
  •  Flip Chart and Barcovision
  •  Laptop and Internet

Seydi Reis Hall

The Seydi Reis Hall offers a variety of classrooms with a class capacity of 320, a 500-seat capacity in the reception layout and a divisible structure connected to the foyer area. Seydi Resi 1 and 2 Halls, which are used as two halls with 160 seats in class order when they are divided, also offer multiple seminars at the same time in educated organizations as they are connected to the same foyer with Oruç Reis Hall.

Hall Area

Halls Area (m2) Width (m) Height (m) Depth (m)
Seydi Reis -1 200 20 10 3,15
Seydi Reis -2 200 20 10 3,15



Steating Layout & Capacity (person)

Seating Layout Seydi Reis-1 Seydi Reis 2
Coctail 220 220
Theater 140 140
Classroom 100 100
Banquet 80 80
U Shape 80 80

Meting and Conference Package

  • 150 person foyer area
  • Portable Stage and Lectern
  • Sound and Light System
  • Wired and Wireless Microphone
  • Flip Chart and Barcovision
  • Laptop and Internet

Wedding Events

Yahya Reis Hall and Seydi Reis Halls can organize special events in two different halls with a capacity of up to 850 people. For a prestigious invitation, we are prepared for you with an elite and rich food menu to make your guests happy.

Whether you are in the open buffet system or menu system, our service team is always with you. Food & Beverage buffet, Welcome Cocktails, Foyer connected rooms and male / female WCs and all the places that will be needed in your activities are gathered together.

Thanks to the portable podium, various stage systems can be installed, sound and light systems are available, and with live music or shows, Daima Hotels is at your service for an unforgettable organization.


  •  Food Service Option with Buffet or Menu
  •  Flexible Stage Assembly with Portable Podium
  •  Sound and Light System
  •  Optional Color Concept
  •  Optional Live Music or Show